Kunsthaus Bregenz | Architecture – Virtual Tour

Grafische Gestaltung
Stefan Gaßner

Gestaltung Film und Umsetzung
Christoph Skofic, Florian Hofmann, Julian Dünser

Discover Kunsthaus Bregenz on your own terms and get to know every corner of this building by Peter Zumthor.

The actual task of a museum, namely to be a place for works of art and a place for people who would like to encounter these works of art in peace, were the ones the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor committed himself to, in his own words, in his design for Kunsthaus Bregenz.

»The Kunsthaus is located in the light of Lake Constance. A body made of glass paneling, steel, and a stony mass from cast concrete, generating structure and space within the building. Seen from the outside, the building resembles a filament. It absorbs the changing light of the sky, the misty light of the lake, emanates light and color and, depending on the angle of view, the time of day, and the weather, permits something of an insight into its own inner life.«

Peter Zumthor


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