Susan Philipsz – Night and Fog

Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Thomas D. Trummer
Essays by Theodor Ringborg, Linda Schädler, and Thomas D. Trummer
Graphic design by Bernd Altenried, Stefan Gassner
German / English
Hardcover, 21 x 26.5 cm, 194 pages
April 2016

Susan Philipsz considers her work to be »sound sculptures«: entwining the human voice, sound, and melodies, the interplay between audio and architectural elements results in installations of an almost spatial presence. In deconstructing Hanns Eisler’s music for Alain Resnais’ film »Night and Fog« (1955) for Kunsthaus Bregenz, Philipsz generates affiliations to earlier work, whilst also making reference to Peter Zumthor’s architecture. A further site-specific work has been created for the Jewish cemetery in Hohenems. For this publication, KUB Director Thomas D. Trummer discusses the exhibition concept in an interview with the artist, using the above two approaches as a point of departure, whilst Theodor Ringborg, from Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm, addresses the metaphorical aspects of night and fog, as well as Erinnerungskultur, distance, and loss. Linda Schädler, from the University of Zurich, focuses on the emotional-affective dimension of Philipsz’ work. A richly illustrated appendix comprehensively collates the artist’s work and exhibition history.


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