Natur vielfalt bauen Symposium

Industrial and commercial premises hold enormous potential in terms of climate change mitigation and the promotion of environmental quality. The role of biodiversity as an integral part of innovative and forward-looking urban development is the subject of an online-series of three talks. Three model case projects are presented to show businesses, planners and local authorities where successful action can be taken.

Marina Hämmerle talking to Robin Winogrond, Studio Vulkan, Zurich
Naturmuseum St.Gallen

The park is a space of artificial naturalness or natural artificiality – an atmospheric backdrop promoting three themes: the intermingling of nature and culture, three significant geological epochs of Eastern Switzerland and the dialogue between science and faith. The aim is to touch visitors of all ages with curiosity and a sense of the seemingly infinite timeframe and transformation processes of natural history.

Lilli Lička talking to Manfred Vith + State Councillor Johannes Rauch
High-Tech Campus Omicron, Klaus, Vorarlberg

The world market leading company in safety technology came up with a neighbourly gesture – the water bodies, lined with poplar trees, are more than habitat for plants and animals, they are a connecting lifeline within the business area.  

Dominique Gauzin-Müller talking to Frédéric Chartier Chartier Dalix, Paris
Biodiversity School, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris

The building plays host to various species (plants, insects, small animals) and acts as the foundation for low prairie-type vegetation leading up to a shrub-land fringe around a central grove of standard trees. Design elements for hosting plant and animal species need to be seen as part of the body of the building. 


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