Norbert Bertolini

A photographic treasure from the first half of the 20th century.

Norbert Bertolini’s photo diaries tell of a carefree and protected childhood, of the early death of his beloved mother and the loss of his brother on the Isonzo during the battles of the First World War. The father’s “new” family is recorded as well as the “loutish years”. He documents growing up with the same fervour as he glorifies the burgeoning National Socialism. Bertolini’s life and work are analysed in richly illustrated articles, and aspects of the Vorarlberg bourgeoisie of the time are scrutinised. A special feature are the spatial images, which can be experienced with the enclosed 3-D glasses.



vorarlberg museum
Müßiggänger. Norbert Bertolini, ein Amateurfotograf zwischen den Kriegen
Edited by Andreas Rudigier, Kathrin Dünser and Norbert Schnetzer.

In cooperation with the Vorarlberg State Library.
Hardcover with dust jacket
Format: 280 x 210, 208 pages
December, 2019

2020 Residenz Publishing House


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