Democracy and Violence

Auftraggeber: Universität, Centro de Investigación y Docencias Económicas (CIDE), 2014 –2019
»Democracia y Violencia« innerhalb des Forschungsprojekt »Ciudadania y violencia organizada en México« eine Abteilung für politische Studien koordiniert von Andreas Schedler, CIDE

Democracy and Violence, 2014 gegründet, wird von dem ‘Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE)’ in Mexico City gehostet.

In einer Demokratie, betrifft gesellschaftliche Gewalt alle Bürger. Auch wenn die Opfer nur aus einigen Gruppen stammen. Das internationale Forschungsnetzwerk ‘Demokratie und Gewalt’ ist ein weltweites Forum von Sozialwissenschaftler, welche gesellschaftliche Gewalt in Demokratien studieren. Formen und Muster untersuchen, soziale und institutionelle Grundlagen und deren Ursachen folgen.

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Journal article by Andreas Schedler
Threats to the integrity of electoral democracy are manifold. The comparative literature has focused on “vertical” threats: the manipulation of elections by central governments. This article, by contrast, draws attention to “horizontal” threats: the societal subversion of democratic elections by criminal violence. It analyzes the so-called drug war in Mexico to illustrate the chilling effects private organized violence has on electoral democracy. After tracing the origins of Mexico’s new internal war, the article documents the damages it bears on the democratic integrity of elections as well as on surrounding rights and liberties.

TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MX - JUNE 10 , 2009: Junkies with a tattoos, some of La Santa Muerte, hanging out on the ridge of the Rio Grande River basin on the the Tijuana side of the San Diego border region. It is common to see junkies in "picaderos," or shooting galleries, shooting heroin along the border separating Mexico and the U.S., uninterrupted by nearby border patrol agents or Mexican police. Tijuana, a city of 1.3 million, has the highest prevalence of drug use in Mexico. The more than 2,000 mile border separating Mexico and the U.S forms the most extensive land frontier separating a developed and developing country. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz Reportage by Getty Images for National Geographic)

Agora: Photos by Shaul Schwarz Reportage by Getty Images for National Geographic

JUAREZ, MEXICO: DEC. 17, 2008 - Inside the car where a man and a woman were gunned down by assassins. The death industry is booming in the city of Juarez. Since Mexican President Felipi Calderon launched a 'war on drugs' at the start of 2007 Mexico has seen nothing but bloodshed -- the number of murders has quadrupled in Juarez and doubled across the country -- With approx. 1,600 deaths in 2008, Jaurez is now the deadliest city in the world, per capita. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz Reportage/Getty)



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